The volume of apartments completed in 2025-2026, two to three years later, is expected to decrease sharply. The market is paying attention to the supply measures that the government will soon announce. According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s ‘July Housing Statistics’ on the 5th, the number of housing starts nationwide from January to July this year decreased by half compared to the same period last year

. The cumulative construction start volume during this period was 102,299 units, a 54.1% decrease compared to the same period last year. Construction starts in the metropolitan area토토사이트 decreased by 53.7% to 53,968 units, and in regional areas decreased by 54.6% to 48,331 units. Typically, houses are moved in two to three years after construction begins. Taking this into consideration, it is expected that the number of houses going on housewarming will decrease significantly in the next two to three years. Accordingly, the government announced that it will come up with a plan to revitalize real estate supply within this month, drawing market attention. Choi Sang-mok, senior economic advisor to the President, said on the 1st, “We will prepare and announce a plan to revitalize real estate supply in September to ensure that real estate is supplied without disruption as originally expected.” Chief Choi said, “There are some real estate supplies provided by the private sector and some provided by the public sector.” He added, “To supplement that, we divided the announcement into two parts: the public sector and the part that will complement it, including LH (Korea Land and Housing Corporation). “I know it will happen,” he explained. There are voices in the construction industry questioning its effectiveness. In the wake of the collapse of the underground parking lot at Geomdan Apartment in Incheon, which was under construction,

It is pointed out that the plan to utilize LH in a situation where a former executive has terminated the contract for LH ‘s services is inconsistent. An industry official said, “It is absurd to push for a 10-month suspension of business at GS Construction, disrupt the business of private construction companies due to ‘free plate phobia’, and announce measures to supplement private and public methods. ” Government measures include measures to improve private supply conditions by supporting financing, such as extending the maturity of real estate PF (project financing) and revitalizing private REITs. We are also considering a plan to exclude officetels from the ‘number of houses’ for actual residential use. Kim Seung-jun, a researcher at Hana Securities, pointed out, “Considering that last year’s construction starts decreased by 34.3% compared to the year before, a decrease in construction completions is expected between 2025 and 2026.” He added, “The longer the slump in construction starts continues, the longer construction completions in 2027 may also decrease. ” did. He continued, “If occupancy decreases between 2025 and 2027 , housing costs may increase under the assumption that demand remains constant.” He added, “The government is expected to consider how to stimulate supply again by resolving the factors that are reducing supply.” “he said. He said, “By lowering production costs and selling at a lower selling price, we can reduce concerns about unsold units.

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