It was belatedly known that Lee Chun-soo (42), a former national soccer team member who recently caught a hit-and-run vehicle in the middle of the night, caught a suspect illegally filming in a women’s bathroom in the past.

Shim Ha-eun, Lee’s wife and a broadcaster, shared a media report on Instagram on the 5th that Lee caught a drunk hit-and-run criminal, saying, “Actually, a few years ago, I ran and caught a hidden camera criminal in a women’s bathroom while running away in a car.” said.

She continued, “At that time, my children were young and I was afraid that something would happen, so I kept quiet, but now let’s talk about it together.”

Regarding the situation the previous day, Mr. Sim said, “I passed out as soon as my husband came in after a pop-up event yesterday and fell asleep.”

He added a hashtag (#) under the post and added토토사이트, ‘Lee Chun-soo’ and ‘I’m proud of my husband’.

According to the Seoul Dongjak Police Station, Mr. Lee and his agent Ji Byung-ju (33) caught a man in his 40s who was running away after a drunken traffic accident on Olympic Boulevard in Dongjak-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul at around 10:50 pm on the 4th and handed him over to the police.

On his way home from filming, Lee witnessed an elderly taxi driver shouting, “Catch that person,” on Olympic-daero near Dongjak Station.

Mr. Lee got out of the car and chased the man with a taxi driver, and caught the hit-and-run criminal after running 1km wearing slippers. Manager Ji, a former soccer player, also helped.

Mr. A was running away, leaving his car abandoned at the scene of the accident, and Mr. Lee caught Mr. A near the junction of Olympic Highway and Dongjak-daero. The blood alcohol level of Mr. A, who had an accident at 10:26 pm on the same day, was measured at 0.08% or more, which is the license revocation standard.

It is said that the taxi driver who recognized Lee Chun-soo belatedly thanked him repeatedly.

Lee Chun-soo said, “Of course I did what I had to do. In that situation, anyone would have acted that way,” he said.

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