Possibility has been raised that the victims and perpetrators of a domestic shooting disaster that occurred on the 9th local time in the suburbs of Chicago, USA are토토사이트 a Korean family.

The local coroner’s office said it disclosed the names and ages of the four dead on the 10th and conducted an autopsy in connection with the shooting that took place around 4 am on the 9th at a family home in Crystal Lake, McHenry County, Illinois. The deceased were one woman in her

30s , 40s , and 70s , and one man in his 40s, all of whom were identified as Mr. S.

The identity and current state of health of one injured person (female) who reported the incident to the police has not been released.

Their specific relationship has not yet been identified, but the police previously announced that “all five victims and perpetrators are a family,” and considering the full names of family members known to some and personal information disclosed on social media, it is a family of Korean descent. The possibility of one white spouse is being raised.

The police estimate that a man in his 40s shot and killed four family members and made an extreme choice, saying, “A quarrel between family members turned into a shooting accident.”

When the police received the report and were dispatched to the scene, three women were already dead, and one woman and one man were taken to the hospital in critical condition, but the man soon died.

Citing court records, the daily Chicago Tribune said, “The alleged perpetrator of the male death was charged with assault in 1997 and was subject to court oversight . supervision ) was sentenced to one year.”

Another media reported that based on the Illinois business data list, the man owned and operated a holster dealer, and the woman in her 30s who died in this case was marketing the same company. On the 11th , after checking the website of the company mentioned by the media

, the address matched the location of the shooting, which was located in a quiet

residential area about 70 km northwest of downtown Chicago.

Residents expressed shock to the local media, saying, “It’s an unbelievable thing,” saying, “It’s a neighborhood where neighbors lived in a close relationship and shared a calm daily life.”All five people involved in the incident are known to have lived together in the accident house for several

years .

According to real estate transaction information, the most recent transaction for this house was in June 2013.

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