Fastball pitcher Shim Joon-seok (19, Deoksu High School), who had declared a move to the major leagues, has reportedly agreed to a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates as expected., the official major league website, announced the news of an international rookie contract, and it turned out that Shim Jun-seok signed an agreement with Pittsburgh.

I am curious about the amount of Shim Jun-seok’s down payment. This is because Shim Jun-seok ranked 10th in the international draft prospect list.

Catcher Ethan Salas (Venezuela), who was ranked number one, signed a contract with the San Diego Padres for $5.6 million and is currently ranked number one in the international draft. Second-ranked infielder Felnin Celeston (Dominican Republic) signed a contract with the Seattle Mariners for $4.7 million. Brandon Maeya (Cuba), the ninth-placed outfielder who is one step higher than Shim Jun-seok, joined the New York Yankees for $4.4 million.

Shim Jun-seok ranks 10th among prospects, 메이저사이트 and among pitchers, he is ranked 2nd after Luis Morales (Cuba), 5th, who signed an agreement with the Oakland Athletics. The down payment is not determined according to the ranking, but it is ranked high, and there are only two pitchers in the top 30, Shim Jun-seok and Morales, so it seems good to expect a high down payment.

The highest paid Korean player of all time was Kim Byung-hyun, who received $2.25 million when he joined the Arizona Diamondbacks. Ryu Je-guk followed with $1.6 million and Choo Shin-soo with $1.37 million.

Korean prospects who recently chose to go to the U.S. also received contracts exceeding $1 million. Park Hyo-joon received 1.16 million dollars, Kwon Kwang-min received 1.2 million dollars, and Bae Ji-hwan also received 1.25 million dollars.

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