It is known that over the past 8 years ahead of the 2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree, the number of overseas business trips that officials from related organizations have been to has reached 99 under the pretext of ‘holding the Jamboree’. There are also many schedules that are difficult to find relevance, so some point out that it is not a ‘foreign meteor’.

As a result of enumeration of overseas business trips after September 22, 2015, when Saemangeum was selected as a candidate site for domestic bid by the Korea Scout Federation, ‘Jamboree’ was indicated in the title of the business trip report in the ‘overseas business trip training information system’ where records of public officials’ overseas business trips were registered. The JoongAng Ilbo reported on the 6th that there were five institutions in Jeonbuk (55 times), Buan-gun (25 times), Saemangeum Development Agency (12 times), Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (5 times), and Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (2 times).

According to reports, before August 16, 2017, when Saemangeum was selected as the final venue at the World Scout General Assembly, there were many business trips for the purpose of visiting advanced culture, and after that, there were many business trips for the purpose of visiting advanced culture. There is not much problem on the surface, but the media pointed out that there are not a few poor business trips when looking at the contents of the report.

For example, in May 2018, 5 government officials from Jeonbuk visited Switzerland and Italy for 8 days and 6 nights for the purpose of ‘Interview with the key man토토사이트 and case study of the successful World Jamboree’. On the second day, there was nothing other than a visit to the World Scout Center. During the rest of the period, they visited famous tourist destinations in Switzerland and major cities in Italy, both of which had never even hosted a Jamboree.

In October 2019, four public officials from Buan County went on a business trip to London, England and Paris, France for 10 days, and presented the purpose of “studying the location of the Jamboree in England and studying excellent festivals in Paris.” However, London held the World Jamboree in 1920, 103 years ago, and it had never been held in Paris. The business trip itinerary was structured as a tour course, including visits to Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey in England, the Montmartre Grape Festival in France and the Mont Saint Michel Abbey.

They also went on a cruise in the name of the Jamboree. Buan-gun is promoting the creation of a cruise port of call, and when the Jamboree was confirmed, it was held twice in October 2019 (13 people) in Shanghai, China and December 2019 (5 people) in Taipei, Taiwan under the name of “promoting the Jamboree venue through the creation of a cruise base port of call”. went on a business trip.

Eight people, including 5 non-public officials, including 5 Buan-gun county council members and 3 parliamentary office staff, went on a business trip to the US Jamboree for 9 nights and 11 days from July 25, 2019. The purpose of the business trip was written to “visit the Jamboree in the US and learn operational examples,” but the period in Charleston, where the Jamboree was actually held, was only two days. For the rest of the period, he visited the Statue of Liberty and Times Square in New York and Washington DC , and spent a total of 32.94 million won on business trips.

Meanwhile, from the beginning of the opening of this Jamboree, complaints such as the successive occurrence of heat-related patients due to the heatwave, inadequate facilities, unsanitary toilets and changing rooms, poor meals, and the organizing committee’s complacent management were continuously raised. In the end, an unprecedented situation occurred in which the British and American delegations left early. The government, businesses, and the private sector are belatedly responding by stepping up and increasing support and manpower, but it has become difficult to avoid criticism of ‘international disgrace’.

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