Erase the fatigue brought by 272km and start anew in Gwangju, the hometown.

After the end of last season, Pepper Savings Bank, led by coach Aachen Kim, moved both its lodging and training ground to Gwangju Metropolitan City, its hometown.먹튀검증

Pepper Savings Bank used Dream Park, located in Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, as a training ground and accommodation. However, only the minimum distance between the accommodation and the home stadium reached 272 km. I have to play home games with a comfortable mind, but the club front desk was not comfortable with the players who had to go through the same distance as away games. Pepper Savings Bank came to Gwangju the day before the home game to prepare for the game. Rather, the away games in Hwaseong and Suwon felt more like home.

Pepper Savings Bank, which had expressed its aspirations to increase the popularity of volleyball in its hometown Gwangju from the time it was founded, the relocation went more smoothly than expected. As we have maintained a close relationship with Gwangju city officials, there were no major problems. The players moved all their luggage at the end of March, and the items that have yet to be moved are sequentially leaving Yongin and coming to Gwangju.

The practice gym uses the existing home stadium, Pepper Stadium. During practice, players can train more diversely and broadly by using the two sides of the court. During the season, it returns to its former form. When the players are not using the training ground, a local club will use it or host a volleyball competition to further boost the popularity of volleyball in Gwangju.

Accommodation is in a new apartment located near the home gym. It takes about 10-15 minutes on foot from Pepper Stadium. According to Seo Chae-won, it takes 15 minutes to walk, 8 minutes to run, and 5 minutes by car.

The weight training room, physical therapy room and cafeteria are currently under construction and will be finished soon. The weight training center is located inside the Pepper Stadium, and the physical therapy room and restaurant are located in a nearby shopping mall near the accommodation.

Pepper Savings Bank spared no money to settle down in Gwangju. Nearly 5 billion won was spent on the players’ accommodations, restaurants, weight training grounds, and physical therapy rooms. In addition, in the off-season FA market, Park Jung-ah (3 years, 2.325 billion won) and Chae Seon-ah (3 years, 300 million won) and Lee Han-bi (3 years, 1.06 billion won) and Oh Ji-young (3 years, 1 billion won) remained for a total of 4.6 billion won. 85 million was spent. Even if you roughly calculate it, you spent close to 10 billion this year alone. It’s an amount that can never be spent if you don’t have the will to invest. That’s how serious he is about volleyball.

Seo Chae-won said, “I feel that my skills are improving as I practice and concentrate on each one in Gwangju.”

The generous investment created an environment where the players could focus only on volleyball. There are no more away games at home.

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