It was disappointing to be eliminated in the wild card match despite advancing to fall baseball for the first time in four years.

안전놀이터 2022 of Kia Tigers was a year of expectations and regret.

Some say it was a half-success, but the fans’ eyes are still on the championship.

The coaching staff and players are also determined to leap forward to the championship this year.

It is regrettable that we missed the main catcher Park Dong-won and failed to recruit from outside, but it is evaluated that we can expect better results than last season if we strengthen the organization and structure.

The splendid offensive lineup, which ranked first in the league in team batting average last year, is still alive.

The infield center line of Park Chan-ho and Kim Sun-bin is still intact, and the center line of batting leads to Na Seong-beom, Socrates, and Choi Hyeong-woo is also the best in the league.

The pitching staff, which has been through ups and downs, is expected to be upgraded with the addition of new foreign players.

Last season, we went through twists and turns due to injuries and replacements, but this year, we completed the recruitment of real exhaust players early.

Yoon Young-cheol, the No. 1 pitcher in the high school rankings who joined through the rookie draft, is also called the ‘second Ryu Hyun-jin’ and is expected to have a sense of power immediately.

▶ Sink: Yoon Young-cheol / KIA Tigers
– “Once I get to play in the first team, I want to win the Rookie of the Year award, and I want to settle down in the first team as soon as possible so that I can show more of myself to the fans.”

Ki-Hoon Kim, who showed off his perfect pitch after returning from Sangmu last season, joined the team, and Won-Jun Choi, the best outfield resource, will be discharged in the middle of this season.

Promising prospects Kim Do-young, Kim Seok-hwan, and Choi Ji-min are also looking forward to full-fledged performances this season after adapting to the first year of the league.

Professional football Gwangju FC is sweating hard ahead of its return to the 1st division.

Gwangju, which suffered from relegation to the second division two years ago, won the K-League 2 with overwhelming performance last season and confirmed promotion early.

Under the tight guidance of new head coach Lee Jeong-hyo, they are waiting for a K-League 1 sortie, showing Gwangju’s own strong and reckless team color.

Recruitment of foreign players such as Timo, a Dutch national center back from the European big leagues, and Thomas, a striker from Brazil, are confirmed one after another, and the team reorganization is in the final stage. Starting with winter training in Thailand on the 3rd, Gwangju

FC, which has started preparing for this season in earnest, is determined not to stay in the relegation zone, but to be reborn as a team that can compete steadily in the first division.

– “If we supplement and become stronger during winter training, if we play our soccer enough in the first part, won’t the confidence of ‘I can do it’ and ‘I can do it’ will double, so maybe I can get better results I’m thinking maybe.”

I look forward to seeing whether the professional sports teams in Gwangju, which have been in a period of stagnation for a while, will be able to succeed in a splendid takeoff this year with the interest and love of local residents.