13 consecutive scoreless innings, an average ERA of ‘0’.

Yomiuri Giants right-hander Shōsei Dogo (23) recorded two games and 13 consecutive scoreless innings. He made his second start of the season against the Hanshin Tigers held at the Tokyo Dome on the 11th, and blocked 7 innings with 3 hits and no runs with 87 pitches.

It was a good pitch that pulled a team that was in the midst of five consecutive losses. Yomiuri continued with a close 1-0 lead until the 6th inning, but in the second half of the game, the batting line burst and won 7-1.

While Dogo was on the mound, none of the Hanshin players stepped on second base.

He was the only one out in the fourth inning. Second, Takumu Nakano hit a heavy hit. After that, he completely suppressed the center batting line from 3 to 5. Sheldon Noiji at 3, Yusuke Oyama at 4, and Teruaki Sato with 3rd baseman, right fielder and 2nd baseman.

He allowed a total of four on-base hits with no four balls, three single hits and a defensive error.

An ace with 12 victories last year, in his fourth year as a pro. With 154 strikeouts, he led the Central League in this category. He became stronger after experiencing the World Baseball Classic (WBC) representative.

Dogo said that he received advice on how to use the high fastball from Yu Darvish (37, San Diego Padres) in the WBC national team. Thanks to this, he explained that he was able to use other pitches, such as sliders, more effectively. On this day, he struck out 5 and induced 12 fly balls.

Yomiuri coach Tatsunori Hara praised him, saying,토토사이트 “I came back after growing up at the WBC.” With Tomoyuki Sugano (34), who has been active as the first starter for a long time, missing due to injury, it was confirmed that Togo is the new ace.

Togo took the mound after starter Imana Shota (30, Yokohama Baystars) in the U.S. and WBC finals. He contributed to the championship with two scoreless innings.

Yomiuri, who is aiming for the championship for the first time in three years, has a record of 4 wins and 6 losses. 5th out of 6 Central League teams.

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