A grade performance in 2023, S grade performance in 2024” (Korea Investment & Securities report) A

domestic software company whose stock price was 10,000 won at the beginning of the year quickly surpassed 90,000 won this month and entered the KOSDAQ market. is shaking It has risen more than 530% this year alone. This is the story of Mro, which went public in 2016토토사이트.

Emro, the No. 1 supply chain management software company in Korea, was listed on KONEX in April 2016, and its first stock trading was conducted. In August 2021, five years after being listed on KONEX, it moved to the KOSDAQ.

Established in 2000, Emro once suffered from capital erosion and suffered ups and downs. The stock price has always stayed in the 10,000 won range, but it is showing explosive growth this year.

In particular, on March 15th, Samsung SDS took over Samsung SDS at a cost of 111.8 billion won, and the stock price began to fluctuate. The largest shareholder changed as Samsung SDS acquired a 33.4% stake in Mro, CEO Song Jae-min and specially related people.

Since then, in April, Emro’s share price soared to 60,000 won, then fell back to the 40,000 won level, slowing down, but this month it is drawing an upward curve again. On the 19th, it exceeded 90,000 won for the first time during the intraday. M-Ro, which closed at 92,400 won on the 20th, rose to 97,800 won on the 20th and closed at 89,000 won.

The stock market highly evaluated Emro’s future growth potential and raised its target price more than twice, which is an unusual move. Eugene Investment & Securities raised the target price of Mro from 66,600 won to 153,000 won through a report on the 18th.

The record-breaking performance also supports the share price rise. Mro achieved record highs in the first quarter with sales of 14.3 billion won and operating profit of 1.11 billion won. Sales increased by 6.7% and operating profit by 78.2% year-on-year.

Emro has grown to provide its own supply chain management solutions to large and public enterprises across a variety of industries. Recently, the market has been evaluated as ‘ AI software leader’ and is attracting attention.

Emro is developing an integrated supply chain management software-as-a-service ( SaaS ) platform with Samsung SDS and One9 Solutions . It is expected to be completed by the end of the year or early next year. It is expected to act as an important partner for Samsung SDS ‘ global business. Kim Sae-hee, a researcher at Eugene Investment & Securities, said, “As the overseas market has been opened to sell Emro’s solutions, sales of Emro will increase in earnest from 2024.” “On the assumption that the market’s interest in AI software continues , And depending on the additional momentum toward Samsung SDS , the corporate value of Emro will be able to rise further.”

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