On the 27th, Ecopro, the ‘secondary battery키톤벳 leader’ in the KOSDAQ market, returned its status as ‘Emperor Share’ (stock worth 1 million won per share). The stock price, which broke through the 1.5 million won mark just one day ago and reached a record high, fell below 1 million won on this day. The drop from the peak is 36%.

Ecopro finished trading at 985,000 won on the KOSDAQ market, down 19.79% (243,000 won) from the previous trading day’s closing price (1,228,000 won). The initial price of 1.2 million won was the highest price of the day. The stock price, which increased its decline toward the latter half of the market, eventually fell below the 1 million won line and was pushed to 961,000 won. The 1 million won line has not recovered from the closing price.

Ecopro touched the 1 million won mark during the market on the 10th, becoming the 5th ‘Emperor’ in the history of the KOSDAQ market. On the 18th, it settled at the 1 million won level at the closing price. After that, the stock price formed above 1 million won for 7 trading days until the 26th, but eventually the status of ‘Emperor’ was taken away.

Ecopro’s weakness has already appeared since the 26th. The stock price, which started at 1,303,000 won, remained strong throughout the morning and soared to 1,539,000 won. In fact, the stock price was pushed to 1,136,000 won during the intraday due to a sharp drop close to a sell-off. The closing price on the day was a 20.2% drop from the intraday high.

Ecopro has as its subsidiaries Ecopro BM, which produces cathode materials, a secondary battery material, and Ecopro BM, which has the largest market cap on the KOSDAQ market, and Ecopro HN, an eco-friendly solution company. Ecopro ranks second in market cap on the KOSDAQ. Ecopro BM also closed at 376,500 won on the KOSDAQ market, down 17.25 percent (78,500 won).

Regarding the simultaneous decline of the ‘Ecopro 3 brothers’ for two days in a row, which led to the strong KOSDAQ market this year, opinions in the stock community say, “Something to come has come.”

Risk management for the volatility of secondary battery stocks has also begun in the financial sector. NH Investment & Securities downgraded the credit limit ratings of Ecopro BM, Posco Holdings, Posco Future M, Posco International, and Posco Stillion to ‘ C’ from 6:00 pm on the 26th. At this level, the loan limit is reduced to 100 million won. The loan limit for the highest ‘ S’ grade is KRW 1 billion.

Some securities companies have already blocked credit extensions to Ecopro and Ecopro BM in accordance with their own risk management standards. Samsung Securities designated Ecopro and Ecopro BM as non-credit loan issues since the ‘Ra Deok-yeon incident’ in April.

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